The Luyt Life

Where We Began.

We met through a friend. On facebook. Odd, I know.
I went to nursing school with her, Joel went to Bible college with her several years prior.
He saw my picture, and immediately sent me a 'friend request'.

I was peaceful, having accepted that I was a single mother of two. Isaac and Egan and I were a little team. I was happy, I was content, I was grateful for my life, my blessings, our future. I worked hard, holding down several jobs while still in full-time university while completing my BN/RN degree. During the day I was a student, a student-nurse, or a nurse. In the evenings? I was a mom. Completely. 

Was it easy? No. Sometimes. Kind of.
Was it difficult? No. Sometimes. Kind of.

I didn't have much in the way of family support, my family lived a province away. They stepped up here and there where and when they could. I was grateful for the times they would help. But all in all it was primarily me, relying heavily on God.

And carry me He did. With grace, with mercy, with love. And even with style.

Honestly? I had resigned myself to being single for the rest of my days. And I was completely at peace with that. With some failed relationships, I came to the realization that if God ever intended for me to be married again, He would have to be the one to make it happen. I stood on the staircase of my townhouse, arms outstretched, and proclaimed to my Creator it is well with my soul. And it really was.

I even went so far as to hang a key up high, out of my reach on my bedroom wall. A sign hung humbly next to it exclaiming God is the driver. (in response to the bumper stickers that say God is my co-pilot--implying God has to be in charge of my life, and I have to have to have to remain in the backseat. Out of control, allowing Him full control.) 

And then this God-fearing man fell out of the sky and into my life. Well, onto my Facebook, anyway.

I prayed for the duration of our talking days, our DTR days (define the relationship), for our days of courting, and for our engagement, and our eventual marriage. Our courtship happened swiftly, a mere four months from start to finish. But God carried us, the entire time. He still does, through the hills and the valleys.

We (so far!) have given birth to three more children together; Jacob, Amos, & Otto. We have applied for domestic adoption in our home province (2014). We look forward to our lives unfolding and growing our family as God intends for us. 

It is good.

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