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  1. Laura, I came across your blog while I was looking for good family hiking spots in the lower mainland. So random! Or not random at all? I recognized your name. We had some friends in a band who had a friend whose last name was Luyt, and I was pretty sure he had married a girl whose name might have been Laura. But I saw 'adoption story' and I was like, 'Oh, different Luyt, We probably would have heard if they'd adopted.' But I was curious about this angelic precious little face in one of the pictures, so I started reading and realized it was the same Luyt family, and that the angelic face belonged to a boy named Amos who helps Jesus stretch and heal hearts. I have spent the last hour reading your blog. We've been wanting to adopt for awhile and just finished our application with the Ministry. It scares me. Special needs scare me. But God's call has been so ridiculously clear that we can't stop our feet from moving forward despite the fears. And Amos makes special needs not as scary.

    1. Hi Leslie! How awesome and incredible to hear from you! We also just finished our application with the Ministry, too! I would love to talk with you sometime if you like...I am thrilled you reached out and so honored to have a message from you. (Were your friends in the Left?) God bless. xoxo

    2. Laura, I'd love to connect. I'll see if I can find you on Facebook. My husband Cam is good friends with Jer, and we both went to school with the Left guys. And I share your adoration for Melody's incredible photography. I love how real and candid your blog is. It's life-giving. I appreciated the Kraft Dinner post. We're about to have popcorn for lunch :)


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