Monday, October 1, 2012

threadbare. a coming together.


  1. (of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) Becoming thin and tattered with age.
  2. Overused to the point of being worn out.

There are a great many things in this world that can cause a mama to feel a little worn down, a little too tired, a little over done. You ever get to a place of feeling a little threadbare?

I do.

It is in those times that I know I must rely on God - I know I must fall to my knees, already pained and pants worn too thin from work, from friction, from overuse. It is in those times where I know He wants me there, close to the ground, eyes awash in tears, face upturned and my all focused on Him.

I have been on my knees a lot these days.
But not all in heavy or painful ways. It is also where I am closer to my children's sweet faces - where I can look directly into their eyes, and show them a small piece of the immense love I have for them. It is but a speck, but it is something I can do.

It is where I can fall, overwhelmed with joy, to give my all in expressing my thanks for the blessings I have had poured out upon me. These children, this Man, our lives and growth and journey together. My past. My beginnings. My present, my future. Our future.

There are scary things to consider in all that lies ahead of us, as I'm sure there are when anyone is undertaking a new venture, breaking new ground. You don't know what can or will be unearthed, or what will be pulled out of dark places when soil is tilled and darkness is brought into the light.

I have a great many fears.

My fears on birthing a new baby, bringing another wee one home, or having him at home, a fifth child, when we already feel parched and thin and tired and worn...

My fears on making ends meet every month, keeping hungry bellies fed with mounting bills and meager paycheques and the strain of normal. everyday. life.

My fears on adoption.

We won't be approved.
We won't have enough money.
We will not be able to adopt.

My fear that my heart will forever pine and ache and swell and break for all. the. children. lonely. crying. fatherless. motherless. waiting. 

dying. dying while they wait, alone. abandoned.

My fears on a new life adventure (of which I am not at liberty to share, just yet - but just know it first involves a boatload of prayer, bountiful blessings and God's grace overflowing. out. everywhere.

and not without a truckload of hard work. worn out hands, hearts, knees, and parched souls. )...

Oh, Father. Take it. All of it. Take me.
Break me. Use me. Fill me.

In the meantime, a dear friend and I have been called into an (in)couraging role, part of the (in)courage community - a role in which I have these fears prayed over and which I relinquish control of them, and of it all, to my Father in heaven who yearns for me to let it go on bended knee - as He (and we!) long for you to do, too. This is also something I can do. We call ourselves Threadbare Mommas and you can find us, join us, seek and provide support for other mommas feeling a little worn, a little threadbare, like we want to do for you.

We are Laura and Jen. We are so glad you’re here.
There are ten children between us (so far). We are grateful for our once-a-week shower. We live for Jesus, coffee, our bunches of noisy kids and have hearts for those who are sharing in the joys and struggles of motherhood, all while learning to deal with stepping out with dirty hair, less than perfect lives - and yet we wouldn’t change a thing.
Learning to be grace-full with ourselves, our children and our husbands. We come from places of brokenness, use (and overuse), the dirty, real-life mommas who spend our days kneeling: to kiss away tears, to wipe spills, and to pray, begging for Spirit life when our bodies and minds are exhausted.
Sound familiar? Good. You are among friends here.
We long to {in}courage, to open our arms to sisters like us, who struggle with the day to day – who long to be perfect moms – who live with the wonderful and challenging joys of life with blended families (steps, adoption, foster) whose children have special needs (attachment, developmental, mental health) and who span from the stretching-belly or stretching heart almost-born to the stretching teenage years. We are growing in grace, (and hopefully wisdom) and would delight in others to join our journey with us. You don’t have to do anythingbut know you can reach out when you’re hanging by a thread – and we can help you find the joy there.
Blog: We will have posts specifically for this group, and posts will be up about every 3 weeks, provided we are not completely threadbare ourselves. This is why we will tag-team, pray, and {in}courage one another, also. These will be an attempt to share with you OURselves, and how God has brought us through moments when we could.not.go.on.
Instagram: We want to see photos of you and your children and your day to day life – struggles and joys. Use the tag #threadbaremommas so we can find each other.
Twitter: Use the tag #threadbare so we can all walk together. You can follow us via our personal twitter accounts: @scatteredgraces and @lauraluyt,
and @threadbaremomma.
In His grip, overjoyed you are here,
Jen and Laura


  1. Laura! I am so glad you are my partner in this!

    Hoping that your day brings more sunshine, and that the wind that is blowing takes away some of the stress - although the thought of you brings a huge smile to my face, my heart is aching to be able to physically be there for you. Love to you sister-friend. partner. (in)courager.

  2. Love this Laura! Your heart is beautiful. Your words strike a chord. You my friend, shall soar! xo

  3. Hey Laura
    Gods kept a place in my heart for you... even though our friendship was brief and we are on our own crazy journey in Aus I find you in my prayers sometimes. Sounds like things are complicated. I wish I had some eloquent words to say right now but alas its bedtime and the alarm is set for 5 hours from now... one of those kinda days you know? Congratulations and MANY prayers are in mind for your sweet probably sticky kids :)
    blessings and encouragement for threadbare... my kinda club!

  4. Oh I can so relate to that picture, haha! Looks like something I would find in my household! :)

    Praying for you! <3


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