Saturday, March 17, 2012

a new season.


Last summer, I was in the thick of helping our friends plan their wedding. It was a both a joyful and exhausting process, scouring through scads of photos of flowers, decor ideas, and inspiration and ideas to best represent this unique and lovely young couple as they prepare to make their life and love vows to one another.

Now this spring? I am having a little more fun with being so graciously invited to do the flowers for my baby bro-in-law's wedding to a very lovely girl.
A lovely girl whom I am ever so excited to call sister for the rest of our days. 

More fun? Why? Pinterest. Pinterest is one of those sites that is a bit confusing at first, and then once you figure it out--it's like fireworks start exploding in your head with all of the possibilities.

I'm not going to post anything about the upcoming wedding planning yet... but I am in the thick of a new season for ideas for our new home.

Here is some of the eye candy I have been sifting through - eye candy that tickles the fancy of this stay-at-home-mama Registered Nurse who kinda also always wanted to either a) be a clothing, interior, art, everything designer b) open a coffee shop c) be a carpenter or d) go back to school for a midwifery or med school. Brooaaaaad interests, I know. All that aside, here are some of my thoughts, captured on Pinterest.

Front and Back Entrance Ideas


Living Room

You know that awkward cubby hole above a fireplace? Where you're forced to put a tv? Or awkwardly placed pieces of art most of us don't readily own? Well, I googled repurposing awkward tv cubby above fireplace - and this was my absolute fave. Score! Bonus points for the fact that this room has nearly the exact layout of our new front living room when you walk in the front door. (minus that couch right in front of the photographer). My apologies for the poor-quality photograph.

See? Works for me.
DIY--the look of wainscoting. Yes, please. This is already half done in the new house.



Most of these kitchens are far more extravagant than ours, but I just love the look of the bright cabinets, and the old-fashioned colours of pale blue and milky, minty green.

Mmm. Pantry door. Old, mixed with new. l.o.v.e.

Home Office

Love this idea of tucking it into a closet. So pretty. Not sure where this will be set up in the new house yet, main floor, downstairs, our room? I'm not a fan of having the computer space in the bedroom, but we'll cross this bridge when we get to it.

Going Upstairs

 Master Bedroom

Amos's Room

I don't really have much I want to change about the baby room--I just love this picture from Pottery Barn.

Egan's Room

Isaac and Jacob's Room



Downstairs Family Room

I. Love. This.

I just saved these to my computer over the last several months, and as such don't have the credits to whom they belong. My bad. My apologies to the photographers and whomever the credit belongs. If you recognize your photo here, please let me know and I am more than happy to give you the credit you deserve. 

Don't have an invitation to Pinterest, and want one? Email me at and then follow me: lauraluyt. Happy pinning!

Happy weekend!


  1. The fireworks just went off for me with pinterest this week... you may have noticed :) Have fun decorating!

  2. LOVE all these ideas! Especially the kitchen ones! beautiful taste my dear, I must say!

  3. Um, you and I could TOTALLY live together. Since I can't lift or move anything, wanna come over and do some decorating of my house!?! Yeah, we are in a rental, but I am going to Pinterest RIGHT NOW to follow you! xoxo

  4. I am honored to be part of your blog :) Good read.-Kaiti

  5. I am honoured to be mentioned in your blog :) -Kaiti

  6. Ahh.... just checking in on you to see how things are going and to wish you a joyous Easter. Wow, I LOVE these photos - beautiful design ideas! Hope you guys are well and wishing you all blessings on this beautiful Easter weekend!


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