Thursday, January 19, 2012


I sat down a couple days nights weeks ago to write this post. Sometimes got a half decent train of thought going, but it was short-lived thanks to not a whole heckuva lot of opportunity with all I have crammed on my overflowing to-do list. Over and over I would attempt to tap and peck out a few words, delete delete delete, tap tap tap, delete delete. I would try to feel more focused by scrolling through old posts, new pictures, old pictures, plug the headphones into my ears and punch up some tunes to get the creative juices flowin'. And... nothin'.

I have this overarching list of things to be doing, getting done, or organizing and following through with right now, and I feel as though I am once again stretching myself a tad too thin. Still, my list is full of good things, but a good many things, nonetheless. Through it all I just need to surrender, lay it down, and be filled.

When I am exhausted. Depleted. Empty. Then there is more room for Him. More space in me filled with Him who is incapable of being depleted. Incapable of exhaustion.
Then there is only Him.
-- so eloquently written by Loxlia Robb over at lovelycrumbs.

So really, I can't complain. God is good.

Winter Wonderland.
It is winter time. At last, for us prairie folk. We only had one half-day of snow on the ground last winter, so it being day #3 of winter wonderland outside? Well, since we don't really have to go anywhere, we're lovin' it. Feels like home. It's darn cold, but it feels like home.

And once their fingers are stiff and their cheeks are rosy and cold and they have had enough? They come in to warm up in the bath, snuggle up by the fire with mama, snuggle up on the sofa with a game, jump on the bed. I have been finding myself soaking in these moments, knowing they won't last forever.

these photos of a jumping Jacob were taken by the lovely big sister Egan.

Cabin Fever.
A few days cooped up indoors, though, and we all start to go a little batty. Thankfully, I have a Man who loves to play games, and who loves to teach children games.

He pulls out sjoelbak, a Dutch shuffle board game, at least a century old, and a true family winter game. Joel found this board at our Bibles for Missions thrift store - and he sets us all up to play. As we play, we all are blessed with numerous small glimpses of perfect family unity that spontaneously happen during the time when we unwind together.

Playing games and enjoying the evenings as a family - it feels so incredibly special, like we were with family. You know? When you get together with everyone and you catch up and feel loved and loving and connected and vital and ever so grateful? 

We nailed it. With just us.

Hot coffee, children's laughter, the daddy teaching the little ones a game from his childhood. Choruses of I love you were sang and repeated - all simply because we took the time to RELAXTogether.

Look at the way he looks up to his da da. 


The Giveaway.
The winner of the fantastic, hand knitted infinity scarf, courtesy of - commenter #7.

None other than my dear friend, Leanna who writes over at Poot & Boogie - who said:

I love it when you have a new blog post :) always makes me smile. I love seeing how Amos is 
doing, Ola is practicing her standing now too...before we know it they will be off and running!

I am re-learning how to knit too, but I don't have anything to show for it yet!

and I am with K... anything we can do, you just let me know!


Congratulations, Poot & Boogie! I love when you have a new blog post, too.
Email (or text, or tweet) me at with your preference of color - red & white, cream, charcoal grey, or teal. or just pop over for a visit, or I'll come visit you and I'll hook you up with your beautiful scarf. :) 


So why did I call this post strive, you may ask? Well, it fit for me. It suited the realization that in my exhaustion, I don't need to strive to be stronger, or more organized, or any number of things that are about me. What I do need to strive for is to leave that room for Him - and to make the time to RELAXTogether.

Strive. Stretch. And be fulfilled.

What are you striving for?


  1. We are striving for more family down time too. To sit and play a game or just talk to the girls. They are all growing so fast sometimes I'm afraid I will miss something or forget to teach them something. One moment at a time I guess. So glad you can all relax with one another. Love you all!!

  2. Hi Laura!!
    Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on our blog! :) We are so beyond thrilled and blessed to be doing exactly what we know we were created for...its an amazing feeling. Rowdy changed our view of the world, and in God's perfect timing, we were called to adopt Rush. God's plan always turns out more beautifully different than you can every even imagine for yourself.

    SO excited for your family and this new journey!! Your family is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I definitely recognize sweet Amos from Kelle Hampton's blog too!! He is so unbelievable cute! I just love how you capture such beautiful moments in your daily life. SO fun to connect with you!

    Be Blessed,

  3. There is a lot of warmth in your pictures. My kids and I love to build forts in the snow.

  4. Oh, Laura!! You outdid yourself with these photos and words...Oh.My.Goodness. I could feel your peace, your contentment, your "time with family." My husband loves games with our kiddos, too!!!!! And wow, what an awesome find that shuffle board!

    I think there's a "busy virus" going around. Now if we could ALL find the cure in Him. Man, did I ever need this reminder. I keep adding things to my to do list but not crossing anything off. It's making me feel very down and incapable. But if I'd remember to put God's Word on my list, I might start feeling more "up". And that's one thing I wouldn't HAVE to cross off....ever; because it's never finished.

    Love you, friend!

    p.s. and we've had 3 snow days in a row here, too! No school. Unusual for us. Snow all around but nothing here in our valley. My boys are loving it. And I made them pancakes....not on my to do list, but on my WANT to do list :).

  5. I still can't believe that I won! How awesome now to pick a color!

    I am striving for calm. I am constantly finding myself wound up so tight that I feel like I can't breathe. Taking deep breaths that is what I am aiming for!

    and that picture of Amos with Joel... pure absolute love.

  6. I finally made it back to tell you how much I love this post. The strive is so purely US and so NOT God's strength. I love how in our weaknesses God is able to give us peace and HIS STRENGTH comes through.

    Your heart is being stretched as is the rest of you - and you WILL BE blessed as you continue to soak God up in the stretching, the building, the resting In Him.

    I'm praying for health. For progress in the bureaucracy of adoption. For peace in the daily stresses of motherhood, wifehood, home schooling, living.

    You inspire, encourage and cause my heart to rejoice.

    And don't we live in a beautiful part of the world?


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