Saturday, July 16, 2011

summertime rolls.

It's been a long time comin'... but here it is.

Summer is upon us. That means relaxing, meandering warm days, basking in the sun's warm embrace, children in and out, in and out, in and out, schedules thrown with haste into the wind where they free our spirits from their vice-like grip that does not come naturally to me.

Summer means impromptu evening trips to the park, complete with Daddy.

To me, summer means time to slow down, be curious, discover, explore, relax, enjoy - rest. 
All things that are much needed. I am so grateful for them.

And as we all know, even late into summer evenings means ice cream trucks and treats...
when mom and dad haven't left their wallets at home.

this is the concentrated face. we love this face.

Summer means lazy evenings left for lounging amidst cool breezes that bring promises of rest, and a daily moment of renewal and a constant reminder of being born again; a continual reprieve from life's toils. We don't have many blazing hot sunny summer day photos because 
a) we haven't had that many blazing hot sunny summer days yet, and...
b) as I have said before, I often neglect to pack my camera. (shameful, I know)

Our children were graciously invited to be in a wedding party for my cousin-in-law, the graceful and elegant Andrea as she wed the dashing Liam - the day was perfect, she was stunning and full of joy, he was ecstatic and so warm and heartfelt... the kids all looked so great... and I left my camera at home in my mad dash out the door. I do, however, have iPhone Instagram photos of the littlest guys - from us choosing outfits several days prior.

In news at home, Amos started sitting independently! I thought it would be a grand occasion because of the working-up-to-it of sorts, and then one day, shortly after his birthday... he could just sit. Unassisted. And it's glorious.

And trumpets blast... the next-to-littlest boy has graduated from the Academy A La Diaper! Yes, that's right, Jacob is completely out of diapers. It's funny, this motherhood thing. Once he successfully got onto the toilet and did number 1, I cried. I actually was sitting on the bathroom floor with tears in my eyes and a sob pawing from the inside of my chest, I was so proud. I was so proud of this little boy who has just blessed me in so many ways. This sweet boy who has such a circle of influence and friends and admirers and his genuine affection for them all. I cried and clapped and cheered and he hugged me because he thought I was sad, "you done cryin' mom?' And from there, it happened so quickly once this lady buckled down and got 'er done. (Nevermind that he's actually singing Lady Gaga tunes and about how 'I love poo in my heart' through a funnel in this picture...) 

We even went camping with friends, with a potty training little guy, this mama still pumping for the baby, and the two big ones that only requested fun and good food and campfire for hot dogs and marshmallows. Done and done.

Laesa loved Amos. Like, really loved.

We celebrated Canada Day, July 1st. Everyone except the Man wore red. Silly man.

I look so much like my mom in this picture, it scares me a little.
That day was one of the hot days we've had so far. And walking around the place where the festivities were happening, Joel was cranky, I was hot and cranky, the kids were all cranky, and we were scrapping as a family. All of us, even though in this picture we were smiling and friendly-like. We were in the shade here. We headed home, feeling like the day was ruined - and then my Man has an excellent idea, and kept it a surprise until we got there. Summer means fruit. Berries. Strawberries. How about you-pick a box full for $5.00? Done. Sign us up.

It was so much fun, and such a successful and satisfying haul. Dirty, sweaty boys got a fun bath in the kitchen sink, the big kids and the parents relaxed as the day wound down and the cool, calming evening breezes greeted us with just the way they do.

He's way into saying 'cheeeeeeeeese' right now. No idea who taught it to him.        

New skill! Reach and grab... and come back up again.

And this wee boy, well. He is just the cherry on top. The weird sadness or pain or sorrow or whatever-you-may-call-it about having a baby you didn't necessarily expect has been popping up here and there again, as I know now that it will - perhaps on and off forever. But goodness. When I stay focused on this face, this sweet face perched above the sweet soft arms and his little leggies - well, I'm smitten all over again, again and again, moment after moment, day after day. Forever. 

Thank you for being so patient with me, friends - as I sorted through my stuff that most (if not all) of you weren't even aware of. I'm still acclimatizing to living in another province, I go through waves of missing my familiar city, my friends, my family, my area code (yes, I mistakenly dial the wrong area code from time to time)... but I'm working darn hard on focusing on the now, the blessing of today, the strengths this is growing in me, and in us... and the hope for tomorrow. And for now? 

Summertime rolls, baby. Summertime rolls.


  1. Ok.... There are so many great things in this post, so many lovely photos, my favorites are: Amos in the tie... OMG!, Joel surfing down the slide on his skateboard and doing the "superman" off the swings (I would have been having a fit over the slide one by the way!) and Jacob on the toilet!
    You have been busy over there Mama! Lovely Post!

  2. Wow - does your girlie ever look like her mama!! Gorgeous pics - & the words - seedlings of gratitude - sprinkled with honesty & peace. *good stuff*.
    Hooray for Amos sitting up by himself!! What a great milestone! i love his little 'old man' eyebrows. He's such a dolly.

  3. Thank you for sharing snippets of your summer thus far, Laura; the photos are so great! I love the photo of Amos reaching and grabbing the balloon with so much determination! And I'm so happy that Jacob's moved on to "big boy underwear" and Egan looks so beautiful in your Canada Day photos with her red head band, and Isaac looks like such a little man- so grown up! Your children are such beautiful people, much like their parents!

  4. gorgeous pictures. love the one of your daughter with her hair up. gorgeous! I also love the one of Amos in the sink with the big grin.

  5. Oh, Laura!!! I was so excited to see a post....with soooo many photos! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the seeing your beautiful---no, GORGEOUS family in action, in every day life; in the sink, on the toilet, cranky or not, or just SITTING (yahoo, Amos!). Just being you. Love. I've missed you :) So happy I had time to sit down and check your blog. Nora's party, Nora's life really, have been all consuming; lots of hard and good but all worth it. It feels weird now that we are calming down over here a bit (hhhmmm....what to do, what to do?).

    What an awesome post! These photos were just so beautiful! Thanks again for sharing so much with us :)

    Lots of love and more summer fun wishes sent your way,

  6. o, friend. i think i'm in serious need of a Canadian summer. those babes in fields of fresh strawberries and Amos sitting so tall. your mister taking the skateboard down the slide. rock. ON! my heart is so full for today's visit, seeing it all. you're such a good mama. and good warm soul. so happy to see you living this life with your lungs full and your arms wide-open. tell us more. i can hardly wait.

    big love, dear girl.


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