Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a whole lotta nothin'.

just dropping in quick-like to appease my readers myself.
it's been weird here, loving the sunshine, weeping over last year's pain (sort of), missing family and the man of our house.
odd little health issues for me, trying to figure things out.

loving my brood. learning to not sweat the small stuff. learning to not sweat the big stuff, too.
failing miserably sometimes.

and sometimes getting it right.

learning of new babies coming into the world.
learning of my friend's dido and a baby I never met passing out of this world.
sadness. deep and heavy sadness.
finding joy in the small things.

freshly shampooed hair.
baby smiles.
meeting with lovely women over coffee.

letting children run free.

lame attempts at family photos in the park after church on easter sunday.
we all look a bit cranky except for Joel. oddly ironic since he was the one who had said it was a lame idea.

giving praise.
more to come in the final chapter of the story of amos.
loving that boy more and more every day.

hoping to take some steps in my home, in my heart, to bring more grace, more love and more-like-Jesus here every day.
hope you are fantabulous.


  1. You are looking soooo good, Laura!
    Love the pictures!

  2. I love hopping onto a blog for the first time and there's a post like this...a shot straight into the heart of the author. Beautiful.

  3. I really enjoyed our time over coffee the other day Laura :) I love all your pictures. (Rhonda)

  4. glory, girl! YOU are stunning. and your brood, well there's a rich tenor song of soul that hums low and soothing when you're all together. no matter how lame it may seem while it's being documented. ;)

    when you're ready, push on through the ebb until you find your flow, mama. it's right there and ready whenever you are. and so are we.

    big love.

  5. Laura!!! So glad to see you here :) You are soooo darling! Lovin' your hair, your Easter outfits & pics, and your beautiful, beautiful kiddos! Did Amos get a hair-cut? If not, then what's makin' him look so much like a little man all of a sudden? Sweet little ball of cuteness.

    Lots of love from Idaho,


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