Wednesday, May 25, 2011


yesterday was a day to remember.
a very very special little blessing burst forth into our lives and even deeper into our hearts one year ago yesterday, early that morning.

what a glorious, empowering, blessed moment - when that warm, tiny, beautiful and brand new little body was ushered into this world, took his first breath, and this mama was filled with the glory of the Lord. thank you Jesus for our Amos, in every way. He is a perfect gift.

we are celebrating with a little party for our wee, special, precious little one year old who will celebrate even though he can't quite sit independently yet. but that will come, just as my thankfulness has blossomed, and grown, and came full circle this year.

a very sleepy Amos trying watermelon for the first time on his birthday. It was a much-loved hit.

being thankful.
in being thankful, I want to begin a list that's been unraveling in my mind for several years; I want to write down every thing I can think of that I am thankful for. the list is in no particular order, and it will be an ever expanding, and ever evolving list. there is so much I am thankful for. feel free to begin and share your own list with me - I for one am excited to see what it might do in my heart to focus on all these wonderful blessings, and it's fun and enlightening to see what other people are thankful for.

1. my husband providing for our family
2. children laughing
3. when my feet are cold getting into bed and my man lets me snuggle them up under his warm legs
4. being a mother
5. my sweet children's beautiful faces
6. my five siblings
7. being a woman
8. Jesus' saving grace
9. fresh cut grass
10. that Amos did not perish
11. working in the soil
12. children mastering something new
13. the smell of coffee
14. the taste of coffee
15. my grandmother's love
16. down syndrome - my changed and enriched heart
17. having the privilege of being present at someone's birth
18. having the privilege of being present at someone's death
19. good music
20. singing in the shower
21. warm water to shower in
22. food in my children's bellies
23. food in my belly
24. feeding my husband food he loves
25. laughter
26. friendships, old and new
27. soft singing
28. my man's shy face, when he is shy with me
29. the smell of rain
30. the sound of rain
31. warm raindrops on bare feet
32. swimming
33. family
34. the honor of giving birth
35. being breathless with my daughter's beauty
36. helping someone overcome a fear
37. feather blankets
38. protection from the elements
39. the way my Mr. smells after a shower
40. bonfires
41. roasting marshmallows
42. melted cheese
43. fresh fruit
44. baby's sweet breath
45. the smell between puppy toes
46. orchids, tulips, roses, bells of ireland
47. growing food to eat
48. staying up late talking to my sister
49. laughing with my sister
50. crying with my sister
51. listening - really listening to my children
52. my childhood memories
53. lady - our english springer spaniel that we grew up with.
54. dogs. I admit I have a soft spot for most critters, dogs especially. 
55. listening to my children giggle and squeal while they jump on the trampoline

"Mama! Come on the trampoline, please?"
My man captured these images of me jumping with Jacob - believe me, these are by far the most flattering of the lot. The others will never see the light of day. And we will not speak of them again.
my three oldest with our neighbor boy in the evening. you could hear their laughter from the front yard. this. is. perfection. When Jacob saw the photos of me jumping on the trampoline? 'Who is that? You look scary. Your hair is in your face. That's a monster. Yah, it's scary." perfection? not. so. much.

56. sitting around in the evening, sharing conversation and coffee
57. wool mittens
58. scarves and mittens and hats
59. rubber boots
60. slippers
61. sweaters
62. blue jeans
63. boots
64. pajama clad tiny bodies
65. freshly washed hair
66. fresh bread
67. floating in the water
68. sitting in the sun
69. surprise flowers from anyone
70. planting flowers, growing flowers
71. a hot cup of coffee
72. knitting
73. knitted things
74. the sound of trains
75. a home to live in
76. safety
77. baby's feet
78. baby's bums
79. children's hands
80. a little child's fascination with water, and their ability to play with running water for hours on end
81. restful slumber
82. rosy cheeks
83. babies, babies, babies
84. not a big dessert person, but there is something about following a meal with a dessert and a coffee. and conversation that is absolute *perfection*. mmmm.
85. getting a bothersome sliver out
86. forgiveness
87. homemade macaroni and cheese

Jacob is also thankful for homemade macaroni and cheese; a lunchtime favorite. This is his Stevie Wonder style prayer where he talks to Jesus between every bite and sways with his eyes closed when he is thankful for food he loves. He is so funny.

ah, the list goes on and on. so many things to be thankful for! I plan to keep adding things to my thankfulness list here and there on upcoming blog posts. these 87 were just off the top of my head. 


idle hands.
never one to go too long without creating something with my hands, I am feeling the urge to start sewing again. I have long wanted to make skirts for both myself and my little miss E., but have never gotten around to it. I have found some adorable patterns online and I will post how they turn out. Recently, I was able to get together at a new friend's house who is the mama to sweet, angelic baby Maya. Oh Maya - I again got to stare into her dreamy eyes, and got to snuggle with the one-who-is-too-sweet-for-words Chiara Bella, and was also privileged to meet the amazing and beautiful little sunny miss Ola - all of these sweet girls are designer babies like my Amos and oh. my. goodness. If any of them were mine, I would never, ever get anything done. They are honestly each and every one just too sweet to even fathom. Even though I can make conversation with each of their amazing and beautiful and wonderful mamas, it is a struggle to pull my eyes away from their dreamy, beautiful, enticing and entrancing gazes. Ah, such sweet babes!

back to idle hands... or more accurately their counterparts, busy hands... Ola's mama Leanna briefly mentioned she has a blog, she makes dolls. I thought to myself ooh I'll have to check it out when I get home, her daughter's names are Poppy and Ola and I adore both of those names, especially together and I think their mama is all-around pretty cool - and when I popped over to visit it I was left dumbfounded. Her opening sentence was 'I had my second roller derby practice tonight'. Roller Derby? how cool is this? How cool is she? I was hooked. I told her I am in awe of any woman on that roller track and secretly wish I were you. It's true.

But not only does she blog, have two adorable girls with super great names, she also makes these adorable rag dolls, all herself, all by hand - and she sells them! You must go see. She is selling them this weekend at the Old School Market in Clayburn Village - and she also sells them in her Etsy shop, Poot and Boogie. (Hope you don't mind me giving you a shout out, Leanna!) I am so thankful to have met her, and Aman, and Sandra. What a blessing each of them have already been in my life, and in my heart. Such amazingly wonderful women, and each the mother of amazingly beautiful children.

I really felt like this post started somewhere strong and is kind of meandering off into nothingness - but rest assured, I will tie it up to the best of my ability and be back again. I am ever so thankful for anyone and everyone who reads, and I gobble up your comments as nourishment for my parched spirit many a day. God is so good, and I am so thankful to have been blessed by each person who stops by and by each who leaves a kind word. If I touch even one person's heart who is going through something difficult, than I am again ever so thankful to have been blessed to speak, to write, to share, and to be present, and have you join me on my journey, and that I can join you on yours, however that may look. 
A pretty bowl of lemons on my table. Just crushin'.
Love the way he looks up at his brother with complete and udder adoration.

wrapping it up?
yesterday: remember it.
be thankful.
idle hands are the devil's plaything.
take time to meander, and come on back. you never know who's waiting for you.

love to you all, this fine spring day.


  1. Loved this! So very true and I think we all need to think about the things that we are thankful for.

  2. I knew right away what I was going to say first for my thankful list (because it's really been on my mind....A LOT). Sounds silly, but I just told my husband last night that I love the sound of thread being pulled through fabric! And then you went on to write about sewing!!!! ME TOO...I WANT TO MAKE SKIRTS! I have literally been going to bed and dreaming about fabric and the color combinations I want to put together for my girl :). I know soooo little about sewing, but I'm gonna learn. So therefore, I'm also thankful that my husband took "Clothes Make the Man" as a high school elective. I need him to thread my bobbin...LOL! True story.

    Another favorite post. I love thankful lists.
    Thankful for you.

  3. Oh Laura :)
    Thank you so much for the shout out and your wonderful list! We share a few (well more than a few) and right now I am especially liking the smell of puppy dog toes :) haha! that made me laugh! Our smelly Basset has the biggest feet ever!
    I am really thankful for meeting you as well, you flatter me, this was an ego boost for me for sure :)
    Please post your skirts! I can sew a mean doll, but clothes?... forget it!

  4. Lovely post, yet again!! I, too, love comments but a lot of my readers seem to be verrrrry silent sometimes.

    I'm in love with Leanna now too, I mean, she has CHICKENS in her back yard. I think we need to start a parents of exceptional children group. At her I can play with the chickens and chew on both your babies.

    Wait...I just read her comment. POOT YOU HAVE A BASSET!????????? I do tooooooooooooooooooo. Can I be your friend too??? I was thinking about smelling my bassets gigantic toes but then thought not...

    Laura...I loved your list. I find we are more and more the same all the time. It's weird.

    Happy birthday dear Amos, your momma is lucky you're not sitting on your own again. She gets to keep you small and sweet longer than any of the rest of us get to keep our kids.

    Laura, the other night I had a woman with down syndrome sit down in the pub, after getting her ID (man these people stay looking SO YOUNG!!) and realizing she was my age, I brought her a sleeve of Bud and silently enjoyed having her there. There was something wonderful about her sipping on her beer...can't put my finger on it.


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