Tuesday, May 31, 2011


today is a new day.
for that I am ever so satisfied.
the symbol of his commitment to me; the symbol of His commitment to us.

my blogging creativity has abated for the present. 
but a good song, a cup o' hot coffee, and handmade-by-my-Egan colorful bunting banners strewn about my house since the great birthday party on Sunday make up for the lack of... flow. of... mojo. of... ideas.

they'll be back, I know. and in the meantime? I am satisfied. many moments that is a choice, because we all know how dissatisfaction creeps in, lurking around every corner, telling me how I'm not good enough, my house isn't pretty or clean or perfect or classy or cool or interesting  enough, or my clothes are shabby, or I'm too fat, or too unstylish, or have bad skin or bad hair... and even now typing out these dissatisfying words... is... not nice. they break my heart.

so I choose satisfaction. today. right now. I have to, or else I'll lose my mind to the other stuff.

here's a sneak peak at what we've been up to. these photos are just a few that bring me a pleasant sense of satisfaction. 

jumping children in the rain. sigh. {contentment.}

enjoy. I know I will. be satisfied, because you deserve to be.

 leftover birthday cake makes for amazing mid-afternoon snacks among bros.

 satisfaction. right there.

 surprise - hillbilly teeth! jacob has been having a blast creeping me out with these fake teeth.

have a great hump-day. keep that dissatisfaction at bay. I will too. be back soon. I... will... too. 

88. homemade cake with homemade icing
89. people smiling at babies
90. people smiling at babies with down syndrome
91. those darn sweet designer babies
92. party hats
93. watching Egan make crafts
94. tacos
95. cool, crisp air
96. the first raindrops
97. walking hand in hand with my man in the grocery store, like we're dating again
98. gettin' 'er done. (checking things off my to-do list)
99. the smell of blue sugar cologne
100. nectarines!


  1. I hear you Laura on the blog burnout. I think of posts constantly all day long, and when it really comes down to it, I just want to sit on the couch and cuddle.

    Let me tell you honestly that I think that you are totally fab! Your home is awesome, I envy your clothes, and I think that your hair is rockin! Every time I have seen you (what? 3 times now! haha!) I always think to myself, I wonder where she bought that... or how the heck did she get her hair up like that! Awesome totally awesome I tell ya!

  2. Beautiful....every bit! I feel your satisfaction in your photos and your words. I LOVED this post! And I think these are the best photos I've seen yet on your blog! Your home is cheery and beautiful, your husband's ring is COOL and super symbolic, Egan could make money on her banners, Amos's eyes....whoosh, don't need to say more! And now I want to jump in the rain!

    Totally satisfying :)

  3. With you...my heart breaks with feelings we know He has called us to be bigger than. And with you....I choose satisfaction today! Thank you for word that have touched and encouraged my heart! I love your pictures....perfect children!

    Just Mama

  4. i just really want to snuggle that baby of yours... i need a little of that magic.

  5. Had to come back again.....how can I miss someone I've never met? Yet that's how I am feeling. And I couldn't stop thinking about the photo of Amos...the black & white with someone caressing his cheek---OH, beautiful boy!

  6. Missin' your words. Missin' you. Hope you & yours are well sweet mama.


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