Friday, April 1, 2011

turn up the volume, this song is that good.

(Unless you have little ones sleeping, in which case, turn down your computer speakers.)

Not a whole heck of a lot to say today.
I am just so stoked the weekend is here.
Giggling children, running, dancing, squealing and jumping to some good music while dishes get put away and meals get made. House smells good, hearts are full, and we are revelling in the blessing we have in one another.

The man of the house is away - again - so we are left to impromptu no pants dance parties (no pants only if you are under three), gallons o' smoothies, sappy movies, and a table shoved aside so littles can learn to breakdance.
I am just that cool.

I don't know if I should apologize for the ethereal quality of these photos - low light, gray outside, little ones moving so fast.  This song is just that good. I like 'em. But I admit they are a little spooky, too.

These are some breakdancing moves, right here.

Other Things That Make Me Smile.
My children hanging out with my brother and ending up covered in duct tape.

 Ten-pin bowling. At night. With loud 80's rock. Seriously, really, really loud. It was an experience.

These photos from my childhood. Got 'em from my brother. They are magnificent.

Me, and John. John and I.

There are all six of us Rutherford children - from left, in front - me holding baby James, John, Pat, and Kenny on the chair holding Sarah. I'm guessing (and hoping) it was Hallowe'en, hence the jack o' lanterns.
I LOVE these outfits. Everything. Kenny, little John, and myself on Mama's lap. Crying. I had brothers.
When there were five: in age order, in a wagon? Ken, me, John, Pat, Sarah.
The barn at our farm.
Little James and little Sarah. This picture just melts me.
Amos. You make me smile.

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Go dance with no pants. I dare ya.


  1. I love it! Love Love LOVE it!! Just a side, Molly hears this song and is busting some SERIOUS moves! The vintage ;) pictures are fantastic!

  2. Such sweetness in your childhood photos...LOVE them!!! Doesn't putting music to pictures just make them that much more sentimental? And wish I could wear bowling shoes outside of the bowling alley....they're COOL!

    Blessings for a dance party kind of weekend :)


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