Friday, March 4, 2011

march forth.

Tomorrow is a disease. 
Terri Guillemets

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?
Did you ever notice how once you buy a new car - all of a sudden you see it everywhere? Okay, it doesn't have to be a new new car, just new to you. You suddenly see how many other people have the same one you have. I'm sure there's a name for this phenomenon - as it really is so strangely fascinating.

I have had thoughts of clean living, clean food, clean water raising chickens gardens farm life soils sunshine space sky earth wind rain trees barefoot children cloth diapers sewing no name brands chemical free handmade clean hair laundry on the line in the wind home school early to bed early to rise strong able bodies clear minds soul singing happy hearts working playing outside space to run get dirty work hard sweat hard bountiful harvest fruits of labor... et cetera...

and now I see so many others feel and hope and are moving towards the same things.
being good stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

So many of us sense a shift in something somewhere. Many of us sense a need to make a shift in something somewhere. Sometimes a sense of strange things being afoot at the Circle K? (any Bill and Ted's fans among my Readers?) All of this is to say I am noticing now that I want to make big changes, my eyes are opened and I see so many other people also making changes in their diets, lifestyles, activity level, and mental and spiritual health...I see so many other people thinking of and making changes too - much like when I bought my little car and then saw so many of the same car on the road.

My day has to begin with scripture and prayer. My eyes are foggy, so very sleepy (I have two children in my bed, I am tired), but my day has to begin this way - to set my compass straight for the rest of the day, so to speak.

And I want to spread the word to end the word - the use of the r-word. I was so graciously asked to be a guest poster this month for Significantly Simple to address what to say and more what not to say to parents of children with special needs. If any of you lovely Readers with your beautiful children uniquely and beautifully structured want to contribute, please let me know, post a comment or email me at (I am hoping to submit it to them by Sunday.) I want to clean any garbagey language out of my mouth, out of my children's mouths, and help increase and create awareness that hate words are nothing but hate. Garbage.

...and I have started digging garbage out of my kitchen - replacing plastic food storage containers with glass - replacing teflon cookware with stainless steel and cast iron (ideally all cast iron - mmmm le creuset)...
and replacing garbage food with nutritious, wholesome, good for you food.
God made it for us to eat, why would we change it and make it bad for us to eat?

my kitchen during my cleaning attack
I got an email from my mom - well, really all six of us kids got an email from her at the same time - I have never received an email from my mom in my life - but it was a beautiful thing to read. In it she quoted a song she was listening to and it echoed my sentiments of not only of change being necessary, but making the change now being just as important.

If you gotta start somewhere why not here
If you gotta start sometime why not now
Tobymac - City on Our Knees

So with loud music blasting through my house and filling my ears and spirit - I wanted to ask everyone this simple yet profound question:

what are you putting off until tomorrow that you could do today?

getting to know Jesus?
accepting others as they are?
losing weight?
getting in shape?
getting off the couch?
eating well?
loving your partner?
quitting bad chemical habits?
going back to church?
growing your faith, digging into Scripture?
not using the r word, or other hateful language?
using the body God gave you to do great things?

We are His hands and feet, after all,

Time's a tickin'.

it is march 4th, after all

march fourth

march forth.

If you gotta start something, why not now?


  1. I'm afraid to admit that there are so many things I'm putting off until tomorrow. But one thing I will not put off is spending fun time with my kids this afternoon. :) We will march fourth straight to the skating rink and be happy. :)

  2. love this post, Laura. I think we're all feeling the same things. Change is good. To quote Toby Mac. "If we gotta start somewhere I say here. If we gotta start sometime I say now". We're all on the journey. Live clean, right? Love you, so much. Wish we lived closer, so badly.

  3. i love march 4th for it's charge!

  4. I love this!!! I've been thinking along these lines for quite some time now....especially eating clean, reading scripture again, and playing with my kids (and being present when I do it...not just going through the motions). With that said, I just finished dancing with my boys!!! We had a great laugh, and they are beckoning me to come back for another round!

    Love your blog,
    Kelly Cach in Idaho :)


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