Thursday, February 10, 2011

sunshine and soulcafes

My mother in law posted this quote:

There are few things I enjoy more in life than what I call soulcafes: sharing good stories over good coffee. 
Leonard Sweet

Mmm, soulcafes. I know what those are. Those days, those moments - you know the ones. Cup of coffee in hand, spirits connecting and sharing and eyes meeting, hearts talking - there is truth there. There is love there. Sometimes there is pain there, but it is all good. It's like fertilizer for some. For me. I thrive on these soulcafes. Thank you for the term, Mr. Sweet. (and thank you, Gramma Colleen - the other Mrs. Luyt.)

Sunshiney mornings and happiness go hand in hand. Sunshiney mornings and coffee go hand in hand, just like good conversation and coffee go hand in hand.

Sunshine + coffee + conversation + morning = happiness.

that grapefruit right there? my breakfast. that I got to eat while basking in the sun. glorious.

The sunshine in the morning is so good for the soul.

As is coffee. 

I have mentioned my new coffee maker a few times. Our old one broke. It broke in Aaron's hand, my baby bro in law (I lovingly want to call him b.-b.i.l.), full of piping hot freshly brewed coffee, burning him, smashing on the counter, splashing searing hot liquid all over him, and over me whilst I was cooking dinner in our kitchen. (ouch. seriously, ouch.) I still have freshly healed scars from the wee burns on my foot from it.

the little scars on my right foot.

So the old coffee maker was put to rest, and my hubby went out and got me a Tim Hortons coffee making machine

Now - I am a Starbucks fan. I am. I have long since loved the perfection in their deeply roasted, distinct flavors and warmth and deliciousness and reliability. And the vanilla latte - my vanilla latte. The drink at a heavenly 140 degrees that my tall and tanned and young and lovely Jess led me to some years ago - that my sweet, honest and pure friend - the one who stood ankle deep in my amniotic fluid - precious Steph Who's Got My Back shared the love and devotion to this beverage - Katrina - many a day were spent over lattes and heartfelt conversation - I think soulcafe and I see your face in my heart. And women who are becoming my safety net and bucket fillers and support network here - BettyAnn - let me buy you a coffee - what do you want? no seriously - I'm buying you a coffee. Showing up to unpack boxes, snuggle babies and have conversation welcoming me to our new home, all over Starbucks coffee. The friends both named Angela - one who brews the meanest Starbucks in her kitchen, and whips up a dessert in a few moments while sporting the prettiest red curls with blond babies underfoot - and the other Ang - who's ever enchanting and soul-searchingly lovely, who desires and draws the light of Jesus out of me and who also recognizes that this is not all there is - easily the best dresser I know, she who brings me Starbucks for my birthday, and hands me my friend in a cup through the window at Starbucks after telling me how pretty I look today. Sigh. Such sweet and gorgeous women. Such good friends. Such good coffee.

photo credit: Nicole Vardo

I know my sweet, conscious of all things distasteful with her captivating Way Of Seeing Things - my politically minded [potential] sister in law Kristen abhors establishments associated with any chain, and has a strong distaste for Starbucks - so I feel like I am going against her in saying these things. I really don't mean it against her - it's just I love these women and I love good coffee and I associate so much of these things with Starbucks. It's obvious I don't associate just coffee with Starbucks.

The snob in me, or maybe its the romantic who loves each of these special women who I have a connection over Starbucks - and have made a connection over coffee - a soulcafe - would have loved to have had a Starbucks machine. 


the Canadian in me, the Prairie Girl Living Near The Coast who loves coffee at BettyAnn's - BettyAnn, the same one who's brought me Starbucks several times - the aunt of my husband who has loved on and mothered and nurtured and fed and fed and fed and fed my husband and his brothers as they each and all made the trek west all the way from Ontario (all my bils). Who opened her home to us oh so many times - we stayed there for the first week we lived in Abbotsford (all six of us and our truckload full of our household). The same BettyAnn who, full of so much love, swoops into my baby's carseat with oohs and aahs and can barely hold herself back and pulls Amos so close to her body and I recognize that feeling of wanting to put him into your heart so he stays there just as he is - forever. 

 And BettyAnn has a Tim Horton's machine. BettyAnn herself adores having a Tim Horton's machine. And Jacob recognizes the logo. He draws oval shapes all the time and calls them Tim Hortons and says Tim Hortons website (he actually says that. ?) everywhere ... I don't even know if Tim Hortons has a website - but every time he sees the store, he calls out "Tim Hortons. Hey-o!" Everytime he sees the logo or anything resembling handwriting, he calls it Tim Hortons. The cushions on our couch that have script handwriting are Tim Hortons. That alone gives me a wee giggle every day, so the machine won me over - even if it just made coffee.

each one of the papers is Tim Hortons.

What I didn't know was how it made such delicious coffee. This machine, I'm now certain, is the machine they use in heaven for coffee.  Okay, not really - it's probably one of those beautiful, handcrafted, copper Italian breathtaking Pieces Of Art For The Kitchen only the Italians know how to create - art that prepares coffee as it makes you a better person simply by standing in its presence... you know the ones? Yah. I bet they make a heavenly cup of welcoming deliciousness. But still, my lil machine makes some damn good coffee.

And any day I can get to this point is a lovely day that I really enjoy. No chasing the cup before it goes cold and no ring after ring after ring left in an abandoned cup of coffee notbychoice. The sun is shining, I had soulcafe with you, and now I must go scoop up my sweet lovies...

and bask.



  1. Love! Soulcafe is and I should start a blog together...and call it SoulCafe!

    I have to tell you...Ellis was snuggling with me as I read this...I scrolled down and the picture of Amos, close up appears.

    Ellis says "See dat baby mommy? See his eyes? He's so keee-yuuuuute!"

    He is so cute lucky mama!
    Egan looks like she will never love another person as much as she does him!

    What a lucky family!!

  2. AWWWWWW such joy you bring Laura... thank you for posting such amazing photos of your little ones and for thinking to write about soulcafes. I pine for the times that we could just sit and watch the world pass by - going past the surface in conversation and getting real. I like real. It's messy, but it's the best place to be. Thank you for always being that place for me.

    mom,will you help me with my blog ON YYYOOUUURRRSSS!
    I just love coming home and sitting down and reading your blog. ooohhh,mom I love you. will you keep writing these for me?[and everyone else]Pleeeaaasssee??? OOOOHHHH,I JUST LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment on my blog! It's nice to 'meet' you and your little one. What a gorgeous little boy you have! Those sibling pictures are just too precious!

  5. Love this one! Sunshine and soulcafe sounds like a nice place to be.

    Randi and you should start a blog called 'soulcafe." A space to empty your heart of accomplishments, worries, happiness and just thoughts. A "dig deep and get to the real you" kind of place. I love it! Let's go.


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