Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just have to share some pain.

Isn't it crazy how in this great, big world - a complete stranger on the internet can reach out through cyberspace and hit your heart? I read a post earlier today about a family losing a child, their 8 year old son in a sledding accident, of all things. Dear mamas including myself everywhere respond, send out typed messages and want to help carry the weight of such a tragedy, such a loss, such a heavy, heavy burden to bear. Only one such mama's post was slightly different and caught my heart. 
She posted how life doesn't ever go back to normal for a family who has lost a child. 
And Oh. My. Goodness. 

Tears. Pain. Oh, dear mamas.

This dear and precious mother had her little boy go to heaven before he was even four. Ah, the pain. You dear precious family. I don't even have words. My heart is just heavy and hurting and my tears are pouring out and my arms want to reach back out to touch your heart in some feeble attempt at helping carry your burden. 
Hug your babies close. Be grateful for every moment. Pray your head off. And love.
Love hard. Love big. Love intensely. And pray damn hard for the mamas who don't get to kiss their little ones goodnight. Oh my stars, that hurts so much.


  1. Beautiful! crying just a little right now:) - Melody Davis

  2. This is terrible!! I can't even imagine the pain and heart ache these families are going through. Sending prayers and thoughts of love and peace their way and yours. This is to heavy for any heart to take.


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