Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's a beautiful day... on the inside

Randomness. Chaos. Joy. Relaxation. Daddy is home.

This is what my house looks like right now. And that's okay. 

The laundry is clean - it's just that someone's lip gloss went through a few of the loads. 
And this too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day for mountains of laundry and a sink full of dishes. We had company.
And we chose time with them rather than the jobs.

We've been a bit housebound. It rains a lot here. We love the rain. Despite what the forlorn faces of these dripping, soaking wet children may say, they really do love the rain, and have embraced it with a fervor that far outdoes my own. Isaac celebrates the rain.

Isaac was simply standing in the street for nearly fifteen minutes, literally soaking up the rain, and loving every minute of it. Egan stepped into the street to copy him, once she saw me taking a picture.

Just the same, the rain can get to you. Okay, so it can get to me. The cloudy overcast perpetually gray days do not provide ample light for me to do indoor photos without a flash that are the natural style photos that speak to me and are my-way-of-doing-things. Never mind that the gray seems to seep into your very bones...but this too shall pass. When life gives you lemons rain, you make the best of it and invest in an umbrella. (?) Lemonade, umbrella, you get it. 

And sometimes that lemonade gives you an unintentional breathtaking perfect shot.

And we got some bad ass shark rubber boots.

see that cord over there? yup, my camera cord. meet Jacob, shark boot wearer and hider of various important items at various inopportune times.

And when the sun finally makes a delightful, welcome, warm and pleaseohpleasestayjustalittlelonger appearance? You run with it, baby.

this is where we live. beautiful british columbia.
Still, one has to make the best of it, or, as I say be where your feet are.
Some may say bloom where you're planted.

I like making stuff. Lots of stuff. Crafts, food, clothing, paintings, furniture, art projects, flower arrangements, wedding cakes, other cakes, cupcakes, sausage, repurposing old items into new useful things, refinishing & recovering furniture, coloring, anything-from-scratch, and a great, great many other things. One of my latest projects involved turning a frumpy notbeingworn pair of flared jeans into a sleek new stylish pair of skinny jeans. Fun.

Photo credit: Saartje
I jumped at the chance when I saw the message on facebook to have the first five commentors on my status update be sent an item of my choice - the only catch was it has to be homemade. I was in to the hilt.
Ladies - hate to break it to you, but I'm fairly certain you're getting my sweaters repurposed into mittens. You all live in a much, much colder climate than I, and I just think this is just such a super cool project.            

One day I will teach myself to knit. I will embrace where I am living, pass the rainy days with layers of woolen slippers on my feet, a handspun blanket around my shoulders as I sit in my handmade-by-myself adirondack chair (another little dream of mine) while I sip steaming, swirling coffee on my front porch and knit lovely gifts to warm hands and hearts the world around. 

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? You just want to come join me. Do it. I've already got the coffee on.

Our Company.
We just had our lovely friends come for a impromptu visit, a planned stopover between their weekend in Vancouver and their flight back home to Alberta, to the snow and wind and chill in Calgary. What a blessing, to have some dear friends, old friends, friends that got married a few short weeks before we did, to have them stop in, get in some comfy clothes, pour a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, scoop up a baby, and pick up the conversation where we left off as if we saw one another just yesterday. 

And a pot of coffee always tastes better with someone else, and eating a meal or two is always a grander occasion with friends. 

At a favorite spot of ours - Mission Springs - the kids always love pulling the steam whistle at the door - the louder, the better.

I tried several times to get a photo of this steam whistle and the delight in everyone's faces in making this loud noise by yanking on the rope, but alas, had not realized the cord in the photo of Jacob-shark-boots-boy was my camera charger and had not charged my battery and so the battery died. Sheesh. My apologies for yet another batch of iPhone photos.

Mission Springs Brewery

I love my little boogaloo.

Lani makes eating a burger look beautiful.

Jacob is just the star of the show wherever we go. He makes friends with anyone and everyone, and is just an all-around delightful little boy. After lunch, he was given a floating red balloon which his daddy tied safely to his wrist. Only upon getting outside, this little sweetie decided the balloon needed to go free. And so they set it off, Jacob beaming all the while. It brought a tear to my eye. What a special boy, with such a special spirit. Setting a balloon free. *sniff.

It was a delight to have you here, Dan and Lani.
Thank you for your heartfelt, soul searching and healing conversation. 
Sorry there was so much laundry in the way. I know you don't judge me for my laundry. 
Bless your souls. Come back anytime. Come back often.

Amos is way into this face-touching, soul-grabbing, I want to bite your chin thing right now - and let's just say every little bit of his lovely and golden personality creeping out of his sweet self makes me melt. Makes everyone melt.

oh, this boy. you delight my soul to the core.

Sitting around the table, after dinner conversation between this mama and the beautiful children she's been blessed with. At the ages of the oldest two, the talk of puberty is becoming an increasingly popular subject. Some time ago, Isaac overheard us adults discussing the issue of hormones in milk and the theory of girls hitting puberty at earlier and earlier ages than ever before due to said hormones. Isaac shared he thought it was watermelons that had hormones in them. Whether or not this is true, I don't know. He spoke of his class, the girls who are all beginning to bloom into the beginnings of adulthood (in Grade Five. Yes. Five.) a.k.a. -  they have boobs.
him: "Seriously, mom - all of the girls have boobs. I mean - all of them. Seriously."

me: "All of them? Are you sure?" (disbelievingly, as this was not the case in my day)

him: "Mom - (very serious voice) when we moved here, the first day I walked into my classroom - the very first thing I thought was, "boy, they sure must like watermelons here" - seriously, I'm not even joking."

Giggles ensued. It was a good conversation. And I learned my baby boy is growing up. And talking to me. I am grateful. And it is bittersweet. 

portrait of Isaac - by Egan

And my girl. She is beautiful. She is so little on the outside. But she is IMMENSE on the inside. Her persona doesn't fit indoors most days. Fashion consciousness is alive and kicking. Little fiery one.

Happy Groundhog Day. Hang in there for what apparently so-I've-heard is going to be another six weeks of winter. Be where your feet are. Seek out what makes you melt, and maybe if enough of us are melting, maybe things will warm up. 

I'm off to snuggle with my littles.

It might be raining outside, but in here? It's a beautiful day.


  1. Beautiful photos, Laura. Have a beautiful day. :)

  2. Laura, I peeked at your blog & now I am hooked! Gorgeous photos & family! It's an absolute pleasure to read.

  3. Amos....where have you been all my life??
    I can not wait to meet you.

    Thanks Laura, afternoon tea, napping babies, and your playlist along with your words...perfect peaceful afternoon for this mama.
    Oh...and not to mention the fact that we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

    A home.


  4. o, i love repurposing the fun and familiar comfortable threads of clothing i can't quite wriggle into.

    if it is true what they say about eyes being the windows to the soul, well then the eyes of your babes tell of rich, warm and wise tenderhearts. and the eyelashes...kill me.

    big love, sweet mama.

  5. oh Laura...I love you more than you could ever realize. You are such a blessing in my life and I forgot how comforting it is to read your sweet and inspiring words. Dan and I miss you guys so much and can't wait to come again for a longer visit. Kiss all your beautiful babies for me and tell them I love them. xoxoxo


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