Sunday, January 30, 2011

the good life.

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.
Mary Oliver

Since getting back into blogging, it really has made me look at little everyday things and see what I can say about them, expanding wee little tiny moments into beautiful well articulated maps of vibrant, multicolored picturesque scenery that perhaps could otherwise go unnoticed. No, I know, all of us that have ever had little ones at home have a bazillion moments a day where we are overwhelmed with the beauty in the simplistic details - our children's angelic faces while sleeping, a goofy grin in 'thanks for macaroni', a deep look of deep and utter admiration from a baby, soaking up his world, drinking everything in, and so wonderfully, beautifully, perfectly, many moments it is Mama's face that is at the top of the list of things to look at. 

This morning was no exception. I marveled at the sweet uniqueness in each of my children as they started their day, and began to take notes, not knowing when I'd be able to sit down and share it with y'all. I was relishing the littlest guys stirring. I love the moments of little children waking up, fuzzy hair in disarray. Rosy cheeks, snuffly breathes as chubby arms and legs stretch, stretch, stretch - reaching for familiar faces and mama's hands, curling back into a bundle of breathing, living, preciousness in your arms, on your lap, their glorious little breathing sounds and onlyinthemorning sounds warm all over and ready to take anything on. It is passionate, it is without hesitation that children begin their day. I adore the quiet moments when each of my little ones opens their eyes to the world, as if for the first time.

My nephew, Andrew - upon waking every morning says, with much exuberance, 
And his complete and utter joy at the simple act of waking up in the morning and greeting everyone is priceless. It is a precious and valuable lesson for everyone and anyone over the age of three, I think.  Imagine how lovely our homes, our hearts, our world would be if we all greeted ourselves and our day and one another with a great big welcome and a no-holds-barred exclamation of joy. Thank you Andrew! Your excitement is so wonderful. 

Andrew as a wee babe, taking off his sock with that same exuberance.

Andrew now. Love you, sweet boy!

So this morning, I relished my babes waking up, took notes, and then we went about our day. Sometimes in trying to get all of us out the door, I end up saying "I feel like I'm herding cats". Anyone who knows anything about cats knows the ridiculousness that would ensue if one tried to herd them. Needless to say, it took a little while, but we got ready, got out the door, and enjoyed ourselves on yet another rainy day.

Jacob wanted to try the car seat handle as a chew-toy rather than get dressed. Herding cats, I tell you.

What did we do today? We hit up the craft supply aisle at Walmart. One of our favorite places to be. Not Walmart, no no no - but anywhere that sells craft supplies gets all of our creative juices flowin'. Well, today the kids found these wooden letters that we have found on several previous trips - but today, they became a little more special. And they got so excited, they were buzzing all up and down the aisle, exclaiming "Look there's a b! I found an h!" and you'd hear Jacob parrot back "Look it b! I fine en aichhhhh!"

See the stacks of letters in their hands? I just thought they were excited about all the creative ideas they had.

And they got creative. Yup. Nice. Love it.

Fast forward to this evening, I have a moment of peaceful silence (did I mention Joel was out of town for four days? No, I think I forgot to - busy busy busy) and I stumble upon my dear friend Randi's brand new blog, and the post that she got out this morning. And it's all about loving the morning even if you don't feel like getting up yet, but more - especially more about the beautiful outlook of children upon waking. Wow. Felt like she was writing the thoughts of my heart today.

Ah, maybe it's the mamacord - the beautiful, invisible, mamacord. I have to quote my new blog friend, Jen, on that one. Her words bring tears to my eyes and warm my heart. I found Jen by reading a comment she had left on Kelle's blog during the ONEder fund for Nella's birthday, and of course Nella is the little blue-eyed beauty who so reminds me of my Amos... and everything Jen describes is precisely what I did and what I felt and knew was there when I was carrying, birthing and waiting for our Amos to come home... but read and see:
"the amazing thing is, all of this, all of you, these cherub angel babes, this space, all of it has given birth to a motha of a movement, baby. move. ment. something stirred (and continues to stir) in so many who fell to knees right along side your story, as eyes swam in overwhelming tears, our throats burning, thinking, "oh, honey. i FEEL you." some of us really FELT you, those glorious mamas with babes and magic chromosomes. while others of us...we felt the vibration. you know, that vibration. it's the mamamcord that slings out into this big space, the land 'o blog, and anchors deep into the lives of those who have reached our hearts and taken hold.

so grab your man, grab those cherub babes, and swoon, baby. SWOON. 'cuz we're all swoonin' right along side ya.

big love, you groovy hearted girl. big love..."

Aaaahhhh goosebumps. This is where she won me. Maybe it's just me - but seriously. Tears and goosebumps. It resonated with me, because it was somehow familiar, and because I realized that all along my journey as a mother - not just this extra magical, wondrous journey with my newest little cherub - but all along I felt this cord, but had just never named it. And Randi? I feel the vibration. I feel your vibration. Swoon, baby. Swoon.

And all you other mamas and friends who read and have been so kind? Thank you for your love and support and words of kindness after my last post. I really laid it out there, so thank you for acceptance, and for giving me the sheer pleasure of reading them, although that's not why I wrote it. It really was for me to let it go. And I have. With exuberance. And I was also excited to see what kind of ripple it caused. And it has. I'm lovin' it.

I'm missin' this guy right now. But he's back tomorrow.
So grab your man, grab those cherub babes, and swoon, baby. SWOON.

Is it cheesy that I get teary-eyed at the simplest things? Kids waking up in the morning, a really great song playing in my headphones while my babies are all a-sleepin', a steaming mug on my desk, my soft jammie pants on, my hair freshly washed, pouring out and sharing some of these connections - and the mamacord (isn't it beautiful?), and relishing it all. This, my friends, is where it's at. This is my life. This is your life. Make it matter. Make it good.

This is gonna be a good life.


  1. Yay!!!
    I love it!!
    See? We do need that fresh, eyes-looking-at-the-world-for-the-first-time outlook that our babies have!!
    So great!
    Very uplifting!
    And I took my own advice...and after a long, grouchy evening last night, I woke up...LOVING the fact that I woke up. I kissed my husband, loved my babies and had a cup of coffee. I didn't even care that there was supper dishes still on the counter!

    One thing I can learn from your last two posts....NO, we are not dead fish...we are swooners!

    Big love Laura. BIG love.

  2. I should be commenting on all of these, Laura, as I am probably your most faithful reader. Love you big sister! Love the "mom is mean fart". Kind of reminds me of the "u suck big time" letters Isaac stuck to his face at Jill's wedding. I miss you all, so much!

  3. Love it, Laura - thanks for sharing!


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