Wednesday, January 19, 2011

gone gone gone, you been gone so long

I said to one of my friends that it feels as though I've been hiding under a rock the last few days - with this ickly prickly sickly cold going through our house and taking up residence in my head, throat, and chest - I have been out of commission in more ways than one.

I had also decided sometime in the last few weeks to get back into using my camera regularly again - that danged iPhone is always in my pocket, and although one can get and create some pretty cool shots on it - it just doesn't have the same quality and crispness as the camera, of course.

Still, even amidst sniffles and hacking coughs and phlegm and somanyboogies - before Opa, Gramma Colleen & Mikaela went back to Ontario we were able to go for a fun family day at Castle Fun Park here in Abbotsford, BC - the city in the country.

I would so LOVE to share photos with you, but alas, my camera cord has gone missing. Hunting all over the house, searching high and low, bending, twisting, reaching for baskets on high closet shelves - and still no cord.

So, for today's post - you will have to settle for the few pictures I took with my phone after my camera's battery had died.

These pictures, although grainy and low quality, are little pieces of what makes my heart happy. I so enjoy sitting around in good company, with steaming cups of coffee amidst conversation, laughter, and babies underfoot providing better entertainment that never gets old.

I love having good coffee with good people.
BettyAnne's house (or BuddyAnne, as Jacob calls her) is one of those good places to be. She has quickly become a friend to me and offers such a welcome into her home that Joel and I and all of our little ones feel so comfortable there. Family is such a blessing.

And today? I loved being in my pajamas snuggling soft bodies and little hands tucked up into my neck. Letting the bigger-but-less-sickly kids stay home for two days grants us some delicious and much needed sleeping in time - and for these good things and a new coffee maker, I rejoice and give thanks.

Enjoy the rest of your week. 


  1. Hey, hey! A fellow Canadian! We are facebook friends through Kelle`s blog I believe and I have had a good look at your blog. Well done! Your son is adorable and reminds me of my Ruby when she was that age!! So precious!!
    I am Canadian but living in New Zealand so it`s refreshing to read a blog from a fellow canuck after all this time!! Keep up the good work, I am new to blogging as well and loving the creative outlet it provides!!
    Steph (a fellow Canuck living in New Zealand!)

  2. Aww, thanks Steph! I remember your sweet Ruby from facebook. What a doll she is! I will follow your blog, too. It is a great creative outlet, isn't it?

  3. oh, sweet Laura. how do i thank you for filling my cup with your note? sent me to tissues. i shall follow this space, this place of love and discovery. this is your story. so write. write it all down. keep on writing even when the words just aren't nearly enough.

    big love from the desert. ;)

    p.s. the eyes of your Amos, full of heaven.


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