Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dream big.

So. Ever feel like you have been called to do something? Kind of like an itch you can't quite scratch? Or a little idea, buzzing around incessantly inside your mind, flitting and landing and little sparks of dreams and hopes and thoughts swirling and twirling around, building and growing into something you know is so very much larger than what you are? 

Mm. Me too. A lot.

This little lady has the same fire burning in her. I recognize it in her spirit, as we are cut from the same cloth, Egan & I. The name Egan means little fiery one. 

I have long-ago realized a huge part of my job in being Egan's mama is helping her learn how to hone and direct her fierce & passionate flame to do great things. This is something we continue to work on, some days much more successful than others. 

Jacob loves the park. This was him showing me his happy park face. Sadly, it's been cold and we go to the park so infrequently that he called it the parking lot. I am a bad mom in that regard. He HAS to go to the park more often. I am being called to be a mom that takes her toddler to the park. To date, I have been many wonderful mom things - but that has not been one of them. Done.

This little bundle-of-boy, my sweet Amos also enjoyed the outing, all snuggled deep inside his cozy nest. Such a sweet face. (please excuse the milk-ness on the front - that's not-so-cute, I know).

I dream of warmer days  like this again - even though it's really only been chilly (and now downright COLD) for a few weeks...

When I was in university I felt called to lead. So I did, in the best way I knew and could at the time. Now that I am even just a few years older, I can see so many more areas help was needed, and where I may have been able to accomplish more and be of greater assistance. But I stood and spoke and did my best and gave my all to be a beacon for those who needed it and touched down on this sense of a desire to be there "where there is a man who has no voice - there ours shall go singing." (Jewel)

However, that feeling of being called has been on my mind and even heavier on my heart for ages. It resonates even in our childrens' hearts. Joel was talking to Isaac about how he wants us as a family to go out and hand out clothes and food to people who need them. Isaac responded (the faith of a child) 'well, if we're going to do that then I'm going to want us to get a bigger house because we should to have someplace to bring the ones who don't have homes back to.'

Oh, Isaac. You wise soul.

Fast forward to the present. I am a mama of these four beautiful brown eyed children. Each one of them is amazing and special and such an immense gift-too-great-for-words and I cannot imagine or recall much of life before them, as if we always were and now just are. We just be.

I have spoken of the wildly popular blog (Enjoying the Small Things) before. I have raved about it. I love it.  My closest friends have actually read her blog and said "she sounds like you." and I am ever so flattered.

I read her blog and I am inspired, not only by her amazing commitment to her blog, her family, and to her fundraising ONEder Fund marathon in honor of her sweet little Nella Cordelia's 1st birthday this January 22, 2011 (fundraising for the NDSS - National Down Syndrome SOCIETY in the US) (edited - I accidentally typed Association at first...sorry, 4 kids no sleep, give me some grace:) )  - but I am MOST inspired by her love of life, her zeal, her pizazz, her optimism, and her relentless pursuit of the sheer enjoyment of...well, of the small things.

Kelle and I have a few things in common (not to sound like her creepy stalker, or anything - honestly), but the most poignant (besides both being stunning brunettes - ha ha) is that we both have been given an amazing gift that is SUCH a gift - our little babes with an extra chromosome.  Her little Nella is such a beautiful little girl - and so is her Lainey Love, of course - but that Nella just does me in with her piercing blue eyes and her sweet scrunchy grins - and the way her little feet point when she's sitting down and she's wearing super cute little shoes and tights or just her perfect little bare feet...while she sits...the little toes and legs laying the way they do.... and it is soooooo sweet. You have to go see

Ooh, I love this little man. His presence in my life, in my heart, is so very much more than I can articulate.

Again, to quote Kelle (my new hero, obviously):

"Any attempt at threading words to just how funny, how spirited, how healing her existence is...well it seems so small and unworthy...

...I have changed. My eyes have been opened to the broad spectrum of beauty, the value of uniqueness and the amazement of the common thread that binds us all regardless of the color of our skin or the makeup of our chromosomes.

How could I not have been aware of their magic?"

I had to contact Kelle while her ONEder fund marathon is well underway, especially now that I am aware of their magic, too! I wanted some advice on how I could attempt something similar in Canada, for our little designer babies and folks up here. Thank you, Kelle, for responding so dang quickly and giving me pointers. So here we go.

I am making a commitment to blog more regularly, because people have been telling me for years (no exaggeration) that if I blogged, they would read it. So here you go.

I just hear her voice in my head - 'what are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?'

Well, this is something I'm going to do, baby. And I am running with it. All the way past the parking lot.

Stay tuned.


  1. Love it Laura!!
    So many people, more than you think, will be behind a giant, happy army!!

  2. So cute ... I'll be your 8th follower! LOL! :)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I really appreciate that. Gotta start somewhere, right?

  4. Found you through Kelle's FB page! Your friends were right. Your writing is beautiful, the way you string together words about your lovely kiddos is fabulous! I am excited to look through the rest of your blog and learn more about your family. Thanks for sharing your life with us in the world. Here is my blog so that you don't think I am some freak :)

  5. *Society. National Down Syndrome Society

  6. Wow anonymous, that was snarky. I'm pretty sure we all know what this Canadian meant. Find something meaningful to do with your time.


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